Introducing Fitness Meter

Get in the shape you want
The latest medical research
A new model of the body
Personalized assessments
Not reliant on flawed BMI
Distinguishes athletic from overweight
Exclusively on iPhone
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Fitness Meter

Assess Your Condition

Fitness Meter provides you with a genuinely personalised assessment of the current state of your body from just a few simple pieces of information. You'll be assigned to one of ten categories ranging from Dangerously Underweight; through Athletic, Fit and Healthy; up to Morbidly Obese. From there, you can simply and interactively explore your health and fitness goals.

Fitness Meter

Set A Goal

Interactively explore your health and fitness goals - just drag the needle on the meter.

Fitness Meter

Share Your Progress

For extra motivation, make a public commitment with one-click Tweets to your friends of your current status, goals and progress.

Fitness Meter

Understand Nutrition, Exercise & Health

Fitness Meter makes understanding how to manage your nutrition and exercise to reach your goals simple. It also tells you about health risks associated with your current condition.

Fitness Meter
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